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Basketball for Cracks...

No parents would want to hear that their child play basketball. It is 2004, the entire globe is still in adoration of MJ, and Kobe is a rising star!  Basketballers do crack, dope, are drunks, losers and are the wrong crowd to tag in with was the accusations!

I said time out! “I don’t smoke, only a couple of my team mates smoked just sportsmen”. Absolutely none was on weed or pot! Most of us were actually in college then setting our sites to career out of sports!

Yea I can hear the smirk …Professional Basketball career actually pays more but not in Uganda! So I could not allow the naysayers dissuade me from getting the youth I work with to join the basketball fraternity!  more


Excelling in sport even on Wheelchair...

Growing up I played football/soccer, did track events, and basketball representing my school in competitions. Never did I ever see someone using wheelchair, crutches, or one with a limp play any recreational sport I can remember. Tis Uganda, the Pearl of Africa am talking of, disability sport was invisible!

One day the Kenyan Paralympic Team visit Gulu Town where I was resident working in the Youth Centre, studying my undergraduate weekends and was skipper of the only basketball club playing the Uganda basketball league.

The Paralympians mesmerized me with their wheeling, crisp passes, teamwork on court and scoring the basketball from their vantage point. more

German Expatriate export

Increasing the proportion of wheelchair basketball clubs or teams is a major part of improving the dependability of recreation and promoting public confidence in the disability sport in Uganda. My team traveled to Uganda objectively to organize Trainer of Trainers workshop to promote the creation of more athletes, coaches, referees, classifiers, volunteers and the strengthening of existing Uganda Wheelchair Basketball Association (UWBA) network of team members. Operations of UWBA takes rare and specialists skills where there were only a few heads in the nation having the basic necessary knowledge and experience. more

Wheelchair for Dignity

Wheelchair for Dignity was a €3500 grant we received from former German Olympians Mr. Dieter Schneider (Fencing 1984-1988) and Mr. Thomas LURZ (12 Times Open water World titles and 2 times Olympic Silver Medalist Swimming) to UWBA to produce 10 sets of locally modified sports wheelchair in Uganda.

UWBA oversaw the design, fabrication and modified of the sports wheelchairs for the purpose of playing wheelchair Basketball. The project was presented to us with many challenges, from testing and choosing a design that will be feasible as per the locally available materials and technology. more


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